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Building quality racing engines is a tedious and time consuming job. Our many years of building racing engines has led us to investigate and develop new and more accurate methods to efficiently accomplish our assembly objectives. Often, this requires unique assembly methods and/or the fabrication of Specialty Tools. Some of the Specialty Tools we have developed are available for purchase.

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Camshaft Timing & Installation Tool

Piston Ring "Squaring" Tool

Camshaft Installation Tools - BMW

Cam Installation Tools

Installing and properly degreeing BMW twin overhead camshafts can be a tricky and time consuming process. While building many BMW 6-cylinder motors for the Speed World Challenge Series, we said- "There's got to be a better way"..and guess what? There is! We developed a custom mounting adapter to correctly position a dial indicator for accurate cam lobe positioning. Using a pair of these tools makes accurately degreeing BMW twin-cam motors a snap and greatly reduces the time necessary to perform this critical assembly step.

If you build many BMW motors, you'll find a pair of these will save you considerable time and are a welcome addition to your special engine assembly tools.


  Cam Installation Tools Cam Installation Tools Cam Installation Tools Cam Degree  
Each set comes complete with a dial indicator, adapter stand, mounting blocks with hardware, and instructions to assist you in properly setting up for the first time. Please inquire for Availability

Order JBR PN 158-000

Price $300.00 each / $495.00 per pair

Piston Ring "Squaring" Tools

To establish and maintain maximum cylinder pressures in a racing engine, it is essential that the piston ring end gap is established exactly the same in all cylinders. Therefore it is necessary to "square" the ring perpendicular to the cylinder bore and at the same depth in each cylinder when measuring ring end gaps. We have used our own custom fitted "squaring tools" for many years and find they consistently provide accurate results. These tools are available in standard bore sizes ranging from 3.000" to 4.500". Custom sizes are also available. Please inquire for Availability.


  Ring "Squaring" Tools Ring "Squaring" Tools  

Order JBR PN 158-073-xxx
Order JBR PN 158-074-xxx

for 3" to 4" bore diameters
for 4" to 5" bore diameters

Price $ 45.00 Ea.

  Note: To order - replace " xxx " in the above PN with exact fractional bore dimension - such as: 158-073-950 for a 3.950" cylinder bore size