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JB Racing - Product News

This section of our website is dedicated to the introduction of our newest performance products. As our product lines continue to expand, we will make general announcements of these new products/applications in addition to highlighting other racing components which we feel may warrant your special attention.

Please visit this page frequently to view the latest updates to our racing and performance product offerings.

Hot New Products

Mid-Weight Steel Flywheel - BMW E36, E46, Z3 and Z4 Models

Increasing customer interest in a slightly heavier flywheel capable of accepting a sprung-hub clutch disc has led to the development and manufacture of this special "Mid-Weight" Steel flywheel for a broad scope of BMW applications. The additional static weight coupled with the compliance of a sprung-hub clutch disc, both contribute independently to help dampen the transmission gear rattle associated with the installation of a lightweight flywheel on many street driven BMW's (View Listing)

Carbon Fiber Engine Shroud Kit - Porsche

One of our newest product offerings is this beautifully finished Carbon Fiber engine shroud kit for air-cooled Porsche 911 engines. Originally designed for racing applications utilizing the factory spin-on oil filter console, it is now also available in a street engine set which contains ductwork provisions for the factory oil cooler. Some final fitting/finishing is required (see listing details). Each kit contains five (5) pieces and is sold only in complete kits. (View additional details and Listing)

High-Performance Flywheel/Sprung-Hub Clutch Kits - BMW E36 M3, Z3 & Z4 M Coupe/Roadsters, E46 M3's, E46 3-Series and Z4's w/ 6-speed ZF transmission.

Often, customer's ask about a clutch package to compliment our lightweight aluminum flywheel. Many also inquire about the use of a sprung-hub clutch disc with our flywheels to dampen engine harmonics. JB Racing is pleased to announce that we now offer a High-Performance flywheel/custom sprung-hub clutch kit for BMW E36 M3, Z3 and Z4 M Coupe/Roadsters as well as other models. Many rigid-hub performance clutch kits are also now available.

We have partnered with Sachs Race Engineering in the development of custom Sprung-Hub clutch discs assembled with HD "Sports" organic race linings. These discs are designed to be used with Sachs HD "Sports" pressure plate to provide both street drivability and increased power-handling capacity. We are now offering these High-Performance Clutch kits with our most popular lightweight aluminum flywheels for street-driven BMW E36 M3, Z3 and Z4 "M" cars. (View Listing)

Also Now Available - NEW Flywheel & Clutch Kits for E39 540i and M5 V-8's (View Listing)

Joe Gibbs Racing Oil

JB Racing recently became an authorized Dealer for Joe Gibbs Racing Oil products. Just like the research and development team at Joe Gibbs Racing, we discovered that many commercially available oils now are lacking adequate anti-wear additive packages which are necessary for protecting the high-pressure wear surfaces of our high horsepower racing engines. Beginning in the late 1990's, JGR started developing these high quality synthetic and petroleum based oils to meet the demands of their Nextel Cup and Busch Series engines. These same high-quality, race-proven oils and gear lubricants are now being offered to the general racing public to help protect your valuable racing engine from premature wear due to insufficient anti-wear additives in your present oils.

View Joe Gibbs Racing Oil Products

Aluminum Fin / Steel Sleeved Cylinders - Porsche 911 Engines

Intermediate Shaft Straight-Cut Gear Set - Porsche 911 Engines

Porsche Cylinders
Porsche Piston & Cylinder

For several years we have offered nodular aluminum fin/steel sleeve cylinders. This process not only "salvages" worn cylinders, but also provides enhanced performance by maintaining a more rigid and consistent bore diameter, thus improving ring seal and reducing "blow-by". Now we are producing our own complete JB Racing aluminum fin/steel cylinders - no cores required!. These beautifully finished aluminum fins are designed to improve heat transfer and cooling and are available in bore sizes ranging from 80mm to 102mm. Cylinders are available outright without core exchange requirements and may be purchased with custom JE Pistons, pins, rings and rods for a complete matching assembly kit. (View Listings)

These straight-cut steel gear sets are designed to replace the OEM helical gear set which are of aluminum construction and prone to accelerated wear in high RPM racing applications. This custom steel gear set is just like the ones Porsche used to supply in their factory racing race engines. (View Listings)

  Intermediate Shaft Gear Set Product developed in conjunction with:

Single (6-Pin) and Twin-Plug (12-Pin) Billet Aluminum Distributors - Porsche 911 Engines

Fittings - Porsche Engine

These new distributors are being offered in two (2) basic configurations: one containing internal ignition triggering with an adjustable advance curve, the other designed specifically for crank triggered ignition systems. Distributor housings are one-piece CNC machined from billet aluminum and incorporate a steel shaft with ball bearings, bronze bushings and internal shaft seals. (view ignition components)

Porsche Billet Distributor Porsche Billet Distributor Porsche Billet Distributor

Many years of building Porsche race engines have led to the development of an assortment of engine fittings designed to address common plumbing problems encountered when braided lines and AN fittings are employed. We've also reproduced some OE fittings which are scarce or no longer available from Porsche. (view Listings)

Porshce Engine Fittings Sensor Plug

Intermediate Bearing Plate for Porsche 901 / 911 / 914 Transmissions

This Billet aluminum bearing plate is designed to replace the weak stock Porsche cast intermediate bearing plate. The stock bearing plate deforms under high horsepower loads which often leads to transmission failure. (View Listing)

  Transmission Bearing Plate Product developed in conjunction with: